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Portrait Chika Riznia Founder MAJOR REBEL, 2015.

Chika Riznia, Chinese: 知花; Japanese: ちか上昇ニヤ ; born October 1, 1988 in Jakarta, is an Indonesian fashion designer who has co-created a fashion line called MAJOR REBEL in 2012.

A pleasure for cutting a paper and shaping it into an outfit,bringing 5-year-old girl chosen to be a fashion designer as a way of life in the future, and the girl's name is Chika Riznia.

Life & EducationEdit

In 2006,when the global financial Crisis often referred, the first semester to Chika begin classes at The Jakarta Art Institute,majoring in fashion design.Even despite the obstacles and pressures every semester, she was able to handle it,because since she was born,she had lost her mother and then followed her father who died when she was in college,from childhood Chika brought up by her aunt and uncle who considers as her own parents.


Since 2009,while still a college student,Chika felt it was time to live independently and no longer burdening her aunt and uncle and finally she worked to finish college. She lived her early life in a way to receive orders to sew clothes from her friends, she kept doing it until she was tired.In 2010, Chika met her college friend,Akbar de Wighar or also known as Berydw. When he still working as a designer at the television network company in Jakarta, Berydw see the potential talent within Chika in fashion field,so he tried to approach his vision with her, it took a year for all of that realized.


Early 2011,Chika approved joint the idea of Berydw to make their own fashion brands, with a concept that describes the struggle, they use the word "Rebel"​ and with the spirit of the differences they gave the brand "MAJOR REBEL".

MAJOR REBEL Official Logo, 2013.

In 2012,their mission realized, Chika focus to creating the product and Berydw focus to developing the brand,so he left his job in television network company and founded KARTENZ, an entertainment company that producing a computer animation character.Now, the collaboration between KARTENZ and MAJOR REBEL make a bridge that creativity could become a reality.

Personal lifeEdit

Akbar de Wighar & Chika Riznia Wedding at Lake Jakarta 15 June 2015 8 45 PM

Akbar de Wighar also known as Berydw, and his girlfriend Chika Riznia block off June 15, 2015 for the wedding celebrations, which are taking place at lake deck.

Akbar de Wighar dated fashion designer Chika Riznia from early 2009. They lived together in Jakarta, it was a six-year relationship from mid-2009 to mid-2015. Chika Riznia and Akbar de Wighar met when they studied at Jakarta Institute of Arts and have been together ever since. Thereafter merried on June 15, 2015. Which are taking place at lake deck.

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